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Ep. 4 – Darren Keeler

Website: Darren Keeler is the Vice President of Marketing and Creative for Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar.   Shuckin’ Shack has 17 locations, primarily located along the east coast — with 2 more set to open before the end of 2022.  Their westward expansion is taking place at the time of the recording and they are […]

Ep. 3 – Abel Garza

Website: Abel Garza runs his own podcast, The Creative Entrepreneur (TCE), which is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential. Creative Entrepreneurship focuses on creating content that will inspire, educate, and coach people.  Abel is not just an inspiring speaker, but he is a wealth of knowledge.  Abel has a history of success […]

Ep. 2 – Dr. Greg White

Website: Dr. Greg White is a one-of-a-kind individual.  You’ll never meet anyone else like him.  He comes from very humble beginnings and worked very hard to get to where he’s at today.  Through education and certifications, he’s an orthodontist, but he was made to be an entrepreneur and marketer from the beginning.   From putting […]

Ep. 1 – Kim Doyal

Website: Kim Doyal is a dynamic individual that you won’t soon forget.  First off, check out her website (link above).  As of the date of this post, her focus is on “#FTheHustle”. Your Entrepreneurial Freedom Starts here. #FtheHUSTLE is for Vision-led Entrepreneurs Ready to ENJOY the Journey While Growing a Profitable Business Kim got her start by […]